Necessary Downloads – NEW

  • Dtella
    • The ‘hub’ that allows you to connect to other users on campus. This application is invisible and runs silently in the background of your computer. Alone, this will do nothing.
  • EiskaltDC++
    • The application that utilizes the hub in order to share and download to other campus users. When this is closed nothing can be downloaded or shared.

Setup Your Router
You can ignore this step if you don’t have a router and are plugged directly into the wall, or if you are on PAL3.0.

 Please visit the router setup page where you will find a basic guide that should work for most router types as well as custom tutorials for many popular routers.

Install Dtella

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  • Install the Dtella client to your Applications folder
  • Run the Dtella client from your Applications folder



  • Open the downloaded .dmg file, drag EiskaltDC++ to your applications folder, then start it.
    • If a popup box appears telling you to download Java SE 6, click the More Info button, and download the required file
  • Click on the Settings button in the toolbar
  • Click on the Personal tab
  • Change your Nick, and change your Line Speed to the max setting


  • Click on the Downloads tab
  • Change the Min Segment Size to all 9s


  • Go to the Connection Settings tab
    • Go to the router setup page for port forwarding information if you have not done so yet.
    • This is where you will enter port information if you are behind a router on ResNet; otherwise, you can leave them the same, and the boxes checked.


  • Go to the Sharing tab
    • This is where you will specify files to share.
  • Right click the big white area and click Add, or enable Advanced and browse manually.
  • Select any/all folders that you would like to share
    • Note that the folders you add take time to hash (find all files in the folder), so please be patient.
    • Note that it will say 0B at first; once it’s done hashing, exit and reenter EiskaltDC++.


  • Click OK
  • Click on the Favorites button in the toolbar (the yellow star)
  • Click New
  • In the Name box, enter Dtella; in the Address box, enter


  • Click OK
  • Click the checkbox next to Dtella that specifies Auto Connect
  • Double Click on the new Dtella hub, and enjoy sharing!